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 We have great news!!!!

We have teamed up with Blaine Anthony from North American Safari nad his production company Nature Productions to produce our New TV show to air on FSN-North. The show is planned to launch in July of 2010(subject to change) and coverage will include WI, MN, and dip into the surrounding states including Canada.

 We are currently searching for sponsors and selling add space at this time. While this is taking place, we will be making several changes to the www.LegendsofNorthAmerica.com website, Pro-Staff Members, and many other things. Please keep checking back and please bear with us. These are very exciting times for us and we look forward to bringing you a new show that the whole family will enjoy!



  Here at Legends of North America, we share in the passion of the outdoors with all Sportsmen. We are dedicated to the North American Hunter and Fishermen. 

 “It is our vision to be the premiere information source on everything an Outdoorsman would need to enjoy any outdoor adventure in North America”. 

  We have always wanted a place where every Outdoorsman could go to talk about hunting and fishing no matter where they are located in North America. So welcome to that place, where everyday Hunters and Anglers alike, can share their pictures and tell stories of their Trophy’s taken throughout the seasons. Whether it is hunting the local Legend or traveling hundreds of miles to a destination of serene landscapes; fishing the smallest of trout streams or cutting across a lake to chase that monster Lunker. Preserving our memories and getting the insights to what ever or where ever your outdoor adventure needs are, is exactly what Legends of North America is all about.


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